Putting My Health First (and eating meat).

I didn’t want to do this. I really can’t believe that I am doing this.

I have been Vegetarian / Pescatarian for the last 7 months. In that time I’ve got more and more lethargic, I have no energy whatsoever. I have gained a ton of weight that I cannot lose and I have constant cravings that just can’t be satisfied.

I decided to go vegetarian for a few reasons. The main reason was because I had watched some documentaries about how badly animals are treated and after lots of crying, my decision was made. It was an easy decision. I’ve always been fussy with meat and after three bouts of food poisoning, it made sense.

Seven months later and I can take it no longer. I kept trying to convince myself it was the right thing to do. I’d have Quorn instead of chicken even though I knew it didn’t taste as good as the real thing.

I’ve always been very open and honest about what I eat and don’t eat. Well, today… this happened!


I was driving home from work and I couldn’t take it any longer. I know that I’ve put weight on because trying to find decent Vegetarian food around here is just hard flippin’ work. If you go to a restaurant these days you’d expect to see vegetarian and even vegan options. In Batley/Birstall, that isn’t the case. Last night I went for a meal and whilst I enjoyed what I ate, it was the only vegetarian thing on the menu and it was a Halloumi Pizza. Cheese on cheese. Delicious but not even a little bit healthy. I really have been struggling. Places like Zizzi’s only have about 4 vegetarian options and at least two are pizzas. Pizzas are usually either a veggie, Margherita or Mushroom. Pasta nearly always comes with chicken. Going to the shop to buy a sandwich or salad for lunch, the Veggie options are usually one (egg) sandwich and one (very boring) salad and that’s it!!! I am incredibly bored with the food I’ve been eating and the options I’ve had. I’ve looked at colleagues food and been jealous of her chicken salad sandwich. I was salivating over another colleague’s Beef Brisket the other week whilst I, yet again, had the only Veggie option on the menu.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been enjoying the food I’ve had. I can’t complain about how tasty veggie food can be. It’s just the options are so limited.

I can’t believe how much weight I’ve put on and the little energy I’ve had. I’m contemplating joining slimming world again and most of their options include meat. Bacon, Lean Mince Beef, Pepperoni and Chicken breast are things I’ve missed the most.

I need to change my diet. I need a complete overhaul.

Probably 80% of the time I will still eat Vegetarian food. If I go anywhere like a wedding, I will definitely be requesting the vegetarian option. If I can avoid meat, I will. However, I am going to start eating it again. I’m going to gradually introduce it back into my diet. I absolutely LOVE the Linda McCartney Vegetarian foods and I’ll 100% keep buying those. The sausages are 1000x better than meat sausages to me.

I wish I could have done it for longer. I wish it had worked for my body. Being vegetarian has caused me problems I didn’t know it could cause. I never expected to gain weight like I have. I’ve been eating more chocolate and crisps for something to snack on because I couldn’t just grab a piece of Chicken or something. I’ve been eating cheese by the bucket load for something to fill up my sandwiches or salads. I’m probably so tired all the time because I’m lacking in Iron and Protein.

I’m genuinely upset with myself that I couldn’t do a better job at being vegetarian but hey, I’m only human and I will always admit when I’ve made a mistake… sometimes it takes me a while, but I will always admit it eventually.

So, to sum up… I’m a meat eater again. The same old fussy meat eater that I’ve always been.

Mum… can you do me some of your amazing Cottage Pie please??? Ooooo & a Chicken Sunday Roast! (On different days of course!).

I really want to go back to Reds True BBQ and have some of that Brisket as well. Haha.

Yes Dad, you were right. I couldn’t last very long without my favourite meals.

4 thoughts on “Putting My Health First (and eating meat).

  1. Ashley Andrews says:

    You tried, and your effort is commendable. Unfortunately in a mainly omnivorous society, catering for veggies or vegans is counterproductive profit wise. It’s harder and typically more expensive to create healthy balanced vegan/veggie options, that actually taste great too. Personally I don’t know Batleys dining scene, but I do know there are one or two veggie places in Leeds that do some amazing food. So good that me, a self confessed meat lover, doesn’t miss the meat from dishes.
    but yeah, huge props on giving it your best!

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  2. Barbara Lambert says:

    Emma well done, but like I said your body does need protein, even if you only have meat and fish three or four times a week I feel sure you will start to feel a lot better in your self. Don’t feel guilty your health is far more important, take care with my love Barbara XXX

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  3. Ann Rhodes says:

    Good on you for trying Emma. Vegetarianism is not for everyone and I know lots of places seem to think cheese and pasta dishes are enough. Martin has been vegetarian for many years and had the same struggles as you at the beginning, trying to find a choice of food. He is lucky that Sarah cooks some amazing veggie meals, although she is a meat eater.

    I think your body has definitely been feeling deprived so you have to do what is best for your health.

    Take care, and loads of luv and hugs, Ann xo

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    • Missemmavic says:

      Thanks Ann. It has been hard work. I’m still going to try and eat Vegetarian when I can but I can’t cut meat out forever. It’s hard enough finding veggie food here, never mind abroad etc. Someone said to me the other day ‘the world isn’t ready for Vegetarians/Vegans.’ Annoyingly, she was right on the money. Maybe I’ll try it again in the future. Who knows 😊 xxx


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