My Book Addiction & a Digital Detox

Hey Guys

It’s confession time. It’s time to admit that I have a problem. I have an addiction. Two addictions actually. Both as bad as the other.


I buy books. I love books. I don’t have time to read them all, but I keep buying them. It doesn’t matter if they’re novels, fact, fiction, cookbooks, information books, health & fitness. ANYTHING!!! It’s a serious problem. I mean, take a look at the pictures below…

Bookshelf 1

This bookcase was made for me by Gramps who sadly, is no longer with us. I will never get rid of it. It’s too big for this house but I don’t care. It’s currently in the spare bedroom against the wall. There are four shelves. The bottom two has my DVD’s on it so that they’re out of the way but as you can see, the top two is cram-packed full of books. There are a few cookbooks. You can see Mary Berry, Chrissy Tiegan and lots of Slimming World books.

bookshelf 2

Next, we have my Living Room bookshelf. FULL. Completely and utterly full. The top shelf is my favourite ‘Lifestyle’ books, the bottom shelf is cookbooks, the shelves above and below those are normal novels and then the fourth shelf down is exercise/food/lifestyle books. My favourites on here include Zanna Van Dijk, Estee Lalonde, Fleur De Force, Cupcakes and Cashmere, The Feel Good Plan. Basically, most of them to be honest. They’re in the living room, they’re on show, they’re good!

Also in the Living Room…

Two on the sofa because they’re pink and they match. (Also, on a side note – that top Pink book is called ‘Note to self’. I haven’t read it yet but it really is a beautiful book to look at). The larger pile is next to the TV and they’re mostly to do with food. The Food Medic is a brand new one and it looks amazing but again, haven’t read it yet. I have had a quick flick through and there is a lot of nutritional information. Fearne’s ‘Happy’ is fab so far. I’ve been dipping in and out of that one a lot.

Another little note – I’m not Vegan. I try to be mainly plant based but I don’t follow that strictly. I am a Vegetarian. I find Vegan cookbooks very interesting and of course they give me amazing food ideas.


Niomi Smart – Eat Smart. I’ve spoken about this book before. Definitely a favourite. It lives in the kitchen right next to my oven.

Lastly, there are a couple of piles in my bedroom…

All of these are lifestyle type books but they’re all ones that I need to read properly from start to finish. Two Hygge books in there. A beautiful New York book with Rose gold pages and another new one – Annie Clark Mind Body Bowl. Can’t wait to read that and take it all in.

See I told you – I have a serious problem.



My phone, Ipad, computer/laptop, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp… etc.

Instagram & Twitter : @Missemmavic

Facebook: Everyday Emma

Snapchat: @emsky1329

Anything relating to social media. I know most people are addicted to their phones but to me at the minute, the addiction is beyond a joke. I find myself reading a book or watching TV for all of 5 minutes before I pick my phone up. If I’m watching something and I pick my phone up, I’ll eventually realise that the program has finished and I’ve barely listened to or watched any of it.

Today I decided to have a bit of a Digital Detox. I set the alarm on my phone for 2 hours and I put it in my bedroom. I then tried to keep myself busy. I hoovered the house, I did some laundry, I read some of a magazine, made a ‘to do’ list, did some roasted Chickpeas, called my Grandad (on the landline so it’s fine!) and a few other bits. It got difficult after about an hour when I questioned something and my automatic reaction was to google the answer. I realised I couldn’t use my phone. I then went into the bedroom to put my clean clothes away and I heard a Facebook email come through. A bit later on, I heard Snapchat go off. I didn’t touch it. I was very good. I didn’t even look at it. I then decided to paint my nails and I finally lost track of time. My alarm started going off to indicate the 2 hours was up. I went and turned it off, but I didn’t pick my phone up properly. I had a quick look at the home screen and then went back to painting my nails.

I felt good and I felt proud of myself… until I sat on the bed to let my nails dry and picked the phone up. I think I ended up laying on my bed for an hour. I replied to people that had messaged me, I scrolled through both Facebook and Instagram and I checked my emails. Shocking!!

Now that I’ve done it once, I know I can do it and I will do it again. Yes I clock watched a bit but at the end of the two hours, nothing was urgent, nobody had called me for anything. I can live without my phone and it doesn’t need to be glued to my hand.

Having a digital detox is a very good thing. A lot of people at the minute are recommending you try it and I’ve got to say, I agree. I got soooo much done within those two hours. I kept busy to try and make time go faster. I’ve heard that the best time to do a detox is at least an hour before bed. Set your alarm for morning and then put your phone wherever you keep it. It will help you to settle down a lot better on a night and have a better sleep. (Apparently!! I can sleep through most things to be fair!!) Haha. If you do decide to give it a try, let me know how you get on. It needs to be at least an hour or it doesn’t count. 🙂

Now, if you’ll excuse me… I’m off to go check Facebook again.

Oops!!!!! 🙂


Just Kidding – I’m going to do tomorrow’s lunch xxx


2 thoughts on “My Book Addiction & a Digital Detox

  1. ideasflyhigh says:

    Hey, I can completely relate to your post, especially Digital Detox. Somehow the habit of checking the phone/tablet is ingrained. It’s like a reflex action. The moment I hear something that I am not aware of, here goes my PHONE. But just like you I started doing the detox thing, where I would it away from me.
    It was good to read.


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