What I’m doing to try and de-stress

Hey Guys. A lot of you won’t know this, but unfortunately, I’ve been off work sick for a while. It’s the reason I haven’t done a blog post for a while as well. I’ve been diagnosed with stress/anxiety. Chest pains, breathing problems, a rash and migraines have all been a part of it. It hasn’t been nice at all. Last night, I took myself off to bed really early because despite just sitting on the sofa, I was so out of breath, I felt like I’d been for a long run (and I don’t really run – my asthma prevents it!)

I’m working very hard to get myself right and get back to work.

Side note – I can’t stop eating. Usually, when I feel unwell or anxious/stressed, the last thing I want to do is eat. But, all I’ve done recently is eat. I’m always hungry. Is this normal??

I’m writing this for two reasons… 1. I want to try and help other people who have had similar problems and 2. If you have any advice for me, please do send it across. You can tweet/Instagram me @missemmavic or Facebook, Everyday Emma.

I’ve had to try and keep myself busy. If not, I’d go crazy. I’ve been doing a lot of walking with my Mum and her Cavachon, Toby. I’ve also made sure to wear my Fitbit Alta all the time to track what I’ve done. Some days, I’ve gone for a walk by myself just to clear my head. It works for a couple of hours but the headaches do tend to come back.

As well as walking a lot, I’ve also been doing a lot of reading. Getting lost in someone else’s imagination instead of being in my own head is a great out for an hour or so. I’ve always loved reading. I find it very relaxing. I prefer reading to watching the TV a lot of the time. At the minute I’m reading two books. I’ve nearly finished ‘When Breath Becomes Air’ – In fact, It’ll probably be done by the end of today. I definitely recommend it. I’ve only read the first chapter of ‘The Universe Has Your Back’ but so far, it’s great. I’ve already started following Gabrielle Bernstein on Instagram and YouTube.

I haven’t started reading ‘The Little Book of Hygge’ yet, but that’s next on my list. It’s all about HAPPINESS so I figure I can’t go too far wrong reading that.

Obviously, no reading/relaxing session would be fully complete without a quick scout through my magazines. I subscribe to a few as it’s far cheaper than buying them in the shops.These are just a few of my favourites –


My Mum has been trying to get me to be a lot more positive. I’ve always thought I was a very positive person, but just recently I’ve been a lot less so. Enter, Google Images!!

All I did was type in ‘inspirational quotes’ and these are just a handful of the ones I loved. I’ve printed a lot of them off and hung them in my bedroom. I’m surrounding myself with positive and happy things. You get back what you put out – and I want happiness in my life, not anxiety.

I’ve also been listening to music. I’m a massive fan of country music and luckily, there are plenty of songs for me to get my hands on. My 3 recent favourites are Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert and Lauren Alaina.


As well as all of this, I’ve also been doing some tidying up and clearing out at home. I’ve got lots of things ready to take to the charity shops. I’ve been cooking a bit more and trying to be healthier. Because I’ve had more time to be in my kitchen, I’ve made a bit more of an effort. I’m still only just getting into cooking. I prefer cooking to baking. I’m good at concoctions. Rather than following a recipe I like to just see what’s in my cupboards and hope for the best. so far, so good. Everything has tasted good and I’m still a vegetarian. (Although don’t think I haven’t been tempted by meat. It’s hard work, my friends. Very hard work).

One last thing I’ve decided to try was actually a recommendation from YouTuber Ingrid Nilsen. It’s an anti-stress drink with magnesium. You start with half a teaspoon a day and I have gone for the orange flavour. I prefer to have it just with some hot water but it can be put into other drinks or on its own with cold water. ptg-00007-1

Speaking of YouTube – Another thing I like to do is sit down with a cuppa and watch the girls I subscribe to. My absolute favourites are Zanna Van Dijk, Fleur De Force, Niomi Smart and Estee Lalonde. I also like to watch Ingrid Nilsen, Hazel Wallace, Zoella and Tanya Burr (plus a few others). Following them on YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram has become part of my daily routine. They have brilliant advice, great recipes, makeup tutorials and many more interesting things. They are all incredibly inspiring women and I admire each and every one of them.


Let me know if you have any other suggestions to help with anxiety and stress. I hope it gives you some idea of what to do next time you need a ‘time out’ as well. Annoyingly, because my anxiety levels are so high at the minute, these aren’t working 100% but they are helping. Normally, after doing just one of these things, I’d feel so much better. I’ll get there. I will be happy and back to normal again and I will be forever grateful to the friends and family that I’ve had around me this last couple of weeks.

Byee xxx

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