The China Study, Pink Parcel & more


After watching a documentary on TV last week, I was drawn to this book. I had to buy it immediately. The documentary in question was ‘Horizon – Clean Eating, the Dirty Truth’. If you get chance, watch it on catch up. It was on BBC2.

Anyway – This is my kind of book. When it arrived I got genuinely giddy. I’ve so far only ready the introduction and that’s longer than you’d expect. It seems to be very interesting. I’m going to read some more tonight when I’ve finished writing this. I’ll keep you updated on it and let you know my thoughts. I’ve developed an obsession with all things nutrition recently and I can’t wait to find out more. Over 2 million copies sold – there’s obviously something in it worth reading!


Above is the latest contents from Pink Parcel.I get the subscription box every month and I love it. In my humble opinion, its the best subscription box there is. (Trust me, I’ve tried a few). The reason I’ve decided to mention this today is because I wanted to talk about the treats and tea that came with it. I’ve eaten all of them!! (Only 3 in total in fairness!!)

First was the chocolate. Montezuma. Never heard of them, but Man! They make good chocolate. It’s organic too.

Second, Creative Nature Superfoods Goji Goodness (Raw flapjack). Longest name ever, but it’s Gluten, dairy, wheat and nut free. Only 118 calories, 1 of your 5 a day and less than 1g fat. It tastes amazing and it’s so good for you. I will definitely be buying these in the future.

Thirdly, Nairns Dark Chocolate Chip Oat Biscuits. Also wheat free and only 45 Calories per biscuit. These were gorgeous too. I’m glad the pack only had two biscuits in there. I could easily have eaten more.

Lastly, was the Cuppanut Coconut infusion teabag. Literally, a teabag filled with coconut. Just infuse with hot water for around 5 minutes and you’ve got a fabulous smelling and gorgeously tasting drink. 100% I’m buying some of these teabags next time I’m in Holland & Barrett. Well done Gareth Gates, you’ve done a great job!!


I also wanted to tell you about this smoothie. I made it up as I went along but of course, I was inspired by other smoothie recipes I’ve seen recently.


Fresh Strawberries (around 5, chopped up)

Frozen Blueberries (a handful)

Frozen Pineapple (again, around 5 pieces)

3 tablespoons Natural Yogurt

Squeeze of honey

Almond Milk.

Blitz all the ingredients together and enjoy!


Also, for anyone that’s interested – this is my new schedule. I’ve been so scattered lately and I need some proper stability. I need a set day to write my blog and do my exercises. I won’t necessarily do full exercise both Saturday and Sunday, but generally, I’ll try to go for a long walk Saturday and do a HIIT session on Sunday. Wednesday and Friday I will probably do an ‘at home’ DVD either by Jillian Michael, Davina Mccall or Yoga. Tuesdays and Thursdays are mine to do whatever I want.

I hope you enjoyed this new blog post. Let me know if there is anything specific you’d like me to write about. Follow me on Twitter or Instagram @missemmavic or Like my Facebook page (or search Everyday Emma). Snapchat username is @emsky1329

Bye xxx

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