I Heart New York

I just have to write a blog about my favourite place in the entire world. I’ve been lucky enough to have travelled quite a lot in the past to places including; Florida, Las Vegas, Rhodes and Turkey. I also did a cruise with my parents when I was younger. However, NOTHING compares to the amazing State that is NEW YORK.

I have been so, so lucky to have been there twice but I would do anything to go back there again.

Recently, a lot of people I know have either been or have booked to go in the near future. I am unbelievably jealous. I genuinely do know how lucky I am to have already been twice. I do, I really do. But I want to go again. I am determined to go again before my 30th birthday. (June 2018 – Best get saving)

I will definitely be getting a New York Pass again next time I go. You can queue jump AND save money – Yes Please!!!

The shops are amazing. Fifth Avenue is everything you expect it to be and more. lets face it though, everyone knows how to shop. It’s the city itself that we need to talk about.

You literally walk round with your face in the air. Looking at all of the amazing skyscrapers, each one unique in it’s own little way. If you’re anything like me, you won’t put the camera away either. There are so many popular places to visit when you go. There are also many hidden gems. I haven’t done half the things I wanted to do. (Hence my urge to go back) 🙂

I’ve been to the top of the Empire State Building twice. The first time was during the day, the second was at night. I highly recommended doing both. They were incredible. How can the exact same thing, look so different? The entire city lit up at night. Such a gorgeous sight. Top of the Rock is another ‘must do’ for your list.You get to see the Empire State and the Chrysler from a totally different perspective. While you’re there – go see the Ice Rink at the Rockefeller Centre if you can.

I also went on the New York Water Taxi. Yes, I went to see Liberty but sadly, I didn’t get off the boat. I’m so disappointed that we didn’t, but hey – there’s always next time.

Of course, go see Ground Zero. Don’t argue with me. Just go. #Enoughsaid (Although, while you’re there, nip into Century 21 for some amazing designer clothes at bargain prices).

Don’t think you can go to NY and not see Central Park. It’s huge and smack bang in the middle of Manhattan. How can you miss it? You won’t have time to see it all though. it’s too big and there are so many other things to see. Make a point of going though, even if you just stroll around aimlessly for an hour, just taking in the scenery and taking a few photos. PLEASE go and have a look inside The Plaza as well. Go on – you won’t be disappointed.

As I mentioned earlier, I haven’t seen anywhere near enough of the amazing city that is Manhattan. I have to go back just to fill in the blanks. Take comfy shoes when you go, you’re going to do a lot of walking.

Think of me while you’re there. I’ll be sat here, hoping that one day, I’ll have saved up enough to go again 🙂

I love that place. It’s stolen my heart… forever.

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