Introduction to Everyday Emma

Hey Everyone

Thank you for coming onto WordPress and reading my new blog.

I’ve done a blog before but I made it all about make up and I wanted this one to be a bit more in-depth. A bit more about me, rather than which foundation I prefer.

(Let me tell you, blogging about make up and reviewing the products gets very expensive!!)

So, I’ll start by telling you a little bit about me…

I’m 28. Already dreading turning 30. Recently single and very much enjoying my ‘me time’. I love to read as well as write (how very high school of me). I’ve just recently had my hair cut into a bob and as much as I love it, every so often I see a picture of myself with long hair and feel a pang of regret. It’ll grow again, I know!!

I adore Youtube videos. My absolute favourite ‘youtuber’ is Estee Lalonde. I also love Fleur DeForce, Tanya Burr and Louise Pentland (Also known as Sprinkle of Glitter).

I have a serious fear of both Spiders and Clowns. I LOVE Stars, America (specifically New York), Rhodes, anything that sparkles, my cat Lila, My parents dog Toby, health and fitness magazines and lifestyle books. (EG, Kate Hudson – Pretty Happy, Dalton Wong – The Feel Good Plan, Maria Menounos – (All 3 of her books) and of course, the 2 books that Fleur DeForce has done. I’m very excited for Bloom – Estee Lalonde to be released. I pre-ordered it weeks ago.

* * *

I have lived in my current house for a year now and I love it. I hate the carpets, hate the spiders that appear and dislike the fact the bedrooms are smaller than I’ve ever had. HOWEVER… My kitchen is amazing, I have a lovely living room (that does need redecorating) and a fab new neighbour who I’d now call a friend. I own my house. I have a mortgage. I own this house all by myself. I’m very proud of myself and very happy to be living here. I’m grateful for everything and everyone that helped me to get here.

An important point that I should mention as it will probably come up in future blogs is that I have just recently joined Slimming World. I’m not very proud of the fact the my weight managed to hit its highest point of 10 stone 8. Now while that might not seem much to some people, let me tell you that I’m only 5 foot 2. Six years ago, I know that weighed 9 stone 2 and even then I wasn’t overly happy. My relationship with food recently got a little out of control and I knew, when I tried on a pair of jeans and couldn’t fasten them, that something had to be done. So far, in two weeks, I’ve lost 3½ pounds. This last week though I’ve not been as good as I was the first two. There is a chance I may have put on weight again next time I go for a weigh in. I do have three days to pull it back though.

For now though, It’s 8.52pm on Sunday night and I want to eat my mini salted caramel cheesecake. The diet will start properly again tomorrow. Hey, I’m only human.

#bloggingfundamentals #firstfridays #newblogger

See you again soon
Emma xxx

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